Waking up in the Countryside to the morning chorus or snuggling to sleep to the call of the owl in the starry night… that’s Chillin Devon. Everything here is designed for a relaxing getaway so that you go home feeling refreshed, revived and happy.

Lazy days & candle lit nights

In the middle of the Chillin Devon meadow stands the remains of the farms old apple orchard. Surrounded by peace and the blooming blossom on the trees you can lay back in the hammock or unwind with some food in the old picnic boat. Sounds good right? Well just wait till it’s lit up by candle light in the evening!

A bar for all

Zorro’s is our exclusive outside bar that provides a focal point for your stay. Here everything is available for your use, including the barbecue the twin hob gas burning stove, the eco-fridge, and all the utensils that you need plus some free herbs and spices for cooking up some scrummy dishes. Oh and as it’s a bar of course we have a range of drinks available to whip up some mojitos, G&Ts, and Pimms & Lemonade when you’re ready to unwind.

Round the campfire

Everyone loves sitting round the campfire to keep the evenings toasty. We also have wrought iron pots and pans for a proper campfire cook-out. Located close to the bar and the picnic area the fire pit provides the perfect spot to watch the sun go down and see the evenings in with stories, drinks and laughter.